Simon Cowell isn’t one to exaggerate. He’s a well-known critic for his blunt reactions and (painfully) truthful remarks about artists’ performances. He’s brought more musicians to tears with his comments than he cares to count.

That’s why Simon’s recent statement about a young man being the “best he’s ever seen” is gaining so much attention online. Who is this mystery singer knocking the socks off of Simon and earning fans around the globe in the matter of a few minutes?

Brendan Murray, 21, is no stranger to performing. From the time he could babble, Brendan was singing the soundtracks to his favorite movies, memorizing the songs on the radio and likely bringing lots of entertainment to his family.

So, when he found other musicians in his hometown of Galway, Ireland, they appropriately named the band HomeTown. Brendan was a natural fit as the frontman and soon gained the attention of industry influencers.

While nothing seemed to pan out professionally before his audition on The X Factor, it seems that’s what did the trick! He sang REM’s hit song “Everybody Hurts” flawlessly, giving everyone in the audience and those watching at home goosebumps.

Not only was his voice powerful, but his humble demeanor was appreciated in a day and age when everyone thinks they’re superstars. The audience rose to a standing ovation, led by none other than Simon Cowell himself.

Simon was more than impressed with her performance, saying:

“You are in a completely different league to everyone else we’ve seen so far. Do you know what’s so charming about you? You don’t even know how good you are.”
It seemed as though the other judges agreed! Gregarious judge Louis Tomlinson jokingly asked to speak to Brendan off-stage next and reached for the Golden X instead. He was going onto the semi-finals at the judges’ houses!

We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this talented young man. He’s clearly going to be a musical icon soon!

Watch Brendan’s impressive audition for yourself below! He’s so good.


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