Anyone who has ever traveled economy on a long haul-flight knows how awful it can be. Even if you’re lucky enough not to have to sit in a seat full of the previous passenger’s squished food (it’s enough to make anyone hurl), you’re still at risk of getting seated next to an annoying stranger – and that’s not to mention having the back of your seat kicked by whoever is behind you.

As for leg room, chance would be a fine thing. Unless you happen to be very petite, you’re going to have to take regular strolls around the plane to avoid your legs cramping up, or worse, developing deep vein thrombosis. In short, economy class is the equivalent of holding a steerage ticket on the Titanic, and we all know how those passengers were treated when it went down.

But unfortunately, unless you’re working for a company generous enough to buy a business class ticket for you, if you’re not rolling in it and don’t have a lot of air miles, then your financial restrictions will give you no other option.

So, as I’ve done on one too many occasions, you’ll only get to see the business class section when you take a stroll through this oh-so-luxurious part of the plane as you board and disembark, eyes green with envy at just how snazzy it looks.

Now, generally speaking, if you can’t afford something, you accept it. Sure, the business class section might be half empty on most flights, but if you’ve got an economy ticket, it doesn’t give you the right to take one of these luxurious seats.

But one American woman recently decided to commit the in-flight version of blatant queue jumping on a Korean Air flight destined for San Fransisco when she spontaneously decided to upgrade herself to business class and refused to move.

This is not the first time that an incident onboard a plane has gone viral recently, but unlike Kentucky doctor David Dao, who was forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight in April after doing nothing wrong, this woman deserved what happened next.

According to the airline, they removed the doctor from the flight – despite telling them that he was traveling to see patients – because it had been oversold and they had to remove passengers at random before takeoff.

The doctor sustained multiple injuries from the incident and was given an undisclosed settlement from United Airlines as compensation, but it’s unlikely that the airline will be able to improve its reputation any time soon.

Just like the doctor, the woman who spontaneously decided to upgrade herself on the Korean Air flight was forcibly removed from her seat, albeit with just cause, and once again the entire incident was captured on camera by another passenger.

The 30-year-old, whose name has not been released, boarded a flight leaving on Incheon International Airport in Seoul on Friday. After being asked to leave the business class seat, she immediately began to put up a fight and scream.

But perhaps more bizarrely, she began to rant about North Korea’s recent nuclear disarmament.

The shocking video of the incident was posted by Korea JoongAng Daily and in it, the woman can be heard shouting, “US marshals! US marshals! US marshals!”

This is what she had to say to the flight attendants when they first tried to move her: 

In order for the woman to be removed from the seat, officers had to surround her, and when she is finally removed, she starts to bite them before putting an unknown object in her mouth

Needless to say, if you were on this flight, you’d have been more than a little annoyed by this woman’s actions, and as she is dragged down the aisle by the officers, the other passengers erupt into applause.

She then lies on the ground and as the officers tried to lift her back up, she shouts, “Korean Air stole my passport! Korean Air stole my passport!”

Because the woman was struggling so much, the officers then decided to put her in a wheelchair.

As she is buckled into the chair, she tries to push the officers away. She then shouts “DDOS Korean Air!” before making peace signs and adding, “Nuclear disarmament!”

Oh, and in case you’re wondering “DDOS” is an acronym for “Distributed Denial-Of-Service” – an electronic attack where various sources overwhelm an internet service in an attempt to bring it down. Major corporations are typically targetted with it.

After a number of other shocking outbursts, the woman is finally removed from the plane. As she exits, she waves goodbye and shouts, “I love you!”

The flight was delayed for an hour and 40 minutes as a result of the incident. reported that the woman was transferred to a hospital as it is believed that she was suffering from a mental illness, and there will be a police investigation once her hospital reported has been processed.



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