If you have a pet dog or cat, then you know just how much some animals hate bath time. It seems like they just despise being bathed and scrubbed for some reason.

We know some dogs who even play hide and seek with their owners whenever they sense that it’s time for them to take a bath.

But this little rescue armadillo is the exact opposite.


Little Arnie loves baths
As seen in a video posted on Facebook and Youtube, Arnie the armadillo loves bath time. One can even say that he is obsessed with bathing and swimming in the bathtub. He especially loves putting his head under the running water from the faucet.


“I think the first time that I put Arnie in the water was because he needed a little bath,”

Brigette Brouillard, his owner, and rescuer said when talking with The Dodo.

“And then I discovered how how much he was enjoying splashing around and playing in the bath.”

According to Brigette, little Arnie sometimes even tries to jump in the shower her.

Isn’t that adorable? If only our cats could be pursuaded to get in the water so easily.

Arnie’s rescue story
But Arnie wasn’t always this lively or excited about things as Brigette shares. Things were really difficult at first. Bridgette talks about how it all began:

“Arnie came to me as a very tiny orphan. He was just shy of a pound and then started losing weight.”

“There was just not a whole lot of research on armadillos. So, we changed his diet. Put him on certain types of medicines. It was trial and error. And the minute we would conquer one ailment, another one would surface.”


Another turning point was when Brigette found Arnie cold and thought he had passed away. But she was determined to pull him back from the apparent coma he went into.

“I had never done CPR on an armadillo. In that hour and 45 minutes that it took to get his eyes open again, I thought we would probably lose him. But he just kept miraculously fighting back.”

It seems that Arnie just had that drive to survive and it’s fortunate that Brigette never gave up on him despite the odds.

‘The happiest armadillo in Kentucky’
Now, Arnie is better than ever and is living his life to the fullest.

Brigette even jokes that he is “the happiest armadillo in Kentucky.”

“It’s exciting to see him play and run around. If I don’t hear for 30 seconds he’s probably up to something.”

Unfortunately, Arnie, the armadillo can’t go back into the wild because of various health problems.

But that doesn’t mean that he can’t let out the wildness in himself every once in a while. Proof of this is in his frequent but harmless antics like going into the garbage, eating house plants, and stealing little rugs and hiding them around the house.


Still, Brigette is grateful for Arnie’s presence.

“Every day I’m just so thankful that he is here.”

We are too. He’s a really special little armadillo with an appreciation not just for water, but for life as well. We can all learn something from this once-tiny armadillo.


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