These two little girls are so adorable even when in a judo fighting competition. As they are given the go-ahead, they move toward each other, looking almost like they’re going in for a hug.

When they have grabbed each other’s arms, the toddlers lean from side to side as if dancing, and then it becomes apparent as they fall that they were supposed to be attempting to throw each other to the ground. After a moment of lying down they get back up, and the judge repositions them. One bows, then the other, and they move forward again to “attack”.

Clearly the girls are enjoying their competition, since this time when they get up one does a quick energetic dance. She then bows again, several times, before they engage in “battle” once more. These little cuties are getting quite the workout with their judo fighting. One puts the end of her belt in her mouth and looks hilariously adorable as she goes in for another encounter. By the end, it’s unclear if anyone “won” in this competition, but more importantly, as the judge picks up the two girls and leaves the mat, it’s obvious that they enjoyed themselves, and so did the audience.


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