If there is one thing that good owners of a dog know, are the complex personalities and expressions of their beloved puppies. From a tail wag to a simple buzz, the owners know how their precious dogs are inside and out.

We already know that our dogs have some very specific ways of telling us that they love us, but there are additional physical cues that we can explore to understand more about the personalities and habits of our dogs.

In this exclusive guide that you can see below, we look at some of the most common sleeping positions that dogs around the world choose.

Very interesting is that depending on whether they are “outdoors” or “indoors”, our puppies assume different positions to sleep. In addition, all dogs choose to rest in different positions that allow them to do many things, from conserving body heat to being ready to jump quickly into action.

Look and read below about some of the most common positions in which dogs sleep and rest.

1. Sleeping on the side

Many dogs love to sleep on their side. This, according to Dog’s Best Life , is a calm and rested position.

If your dog tends to sleep on its side, it means that it is incredibly comfortable with its surroundings and is sure of itself.

And even though your dog may be vigilant and alert when he is awake, he feels blessed to be at home and in his company, and has great confidence in you.

Dogs that sleep in this position tend to be happy, carefree and very loyal.

2. “The fox”

The curled up position is probably the most common. Their legs are comfortably hidden under their bodies, and the tails are wrapped around the body until they touch their faces.

When snuggling, your dog is naturally conserving the heat of your body and protects your limbs, face, throat and vital organs.

Dogs that sleep in this position are docile, easy to handle and carry, and have a naturally sweet disposition.

3. Super pet

Many dogs sleep on their stomachs, but the puppies that sleep in the “super pet” position are probably the most adorable of them all. With their four extremities spread out on the ground, they look as if they were flying through the air.

This position makes it easy for the puppies to start moving, as soon as you call them, or as soon as they are awakened.

Puppies that sleep in this position have a super energy, are motivated and are very happy.

4. Crazy legs

Even though this position looks a little strange, there is nothing to worry about – this only means that they are very confident and confident with themselves and their family environment.

This makes sense, especially since sleeping on the back translates to being the most vulnerable position for a dog. Most likely, you will never see wolves sleeping on their backs in nature, as it sends a message of vulnerability and submission.

Dogs that assume this position during sleep usually tend to be very relaxed and independent.

5. Tummy down


Dogs that sleep in this position may not be so relaxed, since the muscles are still too tight for them to get carried away by the drift of the REM sleep phase.

Do not worry, this does not mean that your puppy is not relaxed in real life. In fact, they can even be the most energetic and adventurous of all, always ready for action and fun at all times.

Dogs that cuddle on their stomachs while they sleep tend to be very sweet in character and a little shy.


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