There are real health benefits in letting your best four-legged friend spend the night with you, and they are not just benefits for you. It is also better for your dog!

And you do not want to do everything possible to make sure your little one is as happy as possible?

1: They give you comfort


Whether it’s because of your warm body or your rhythmic breathing, there’s something very comforting about a dog. They make your bed look even more inviting!

2: Combat insomnia


Its presence facilitates calm, relieves stress, and gives a sense of security. So, basically, they eliminate all the things that keep you from falling asleep at night.

3: Cuddling with them relieves stress and anxiety


As therapy dogs have shown, the presence of a dog relieves stress. Its permanent positive state seems to be contagious, and its attentive nature can be very reassuring.

4: Provide warmth

Their warm bodies and their tendency to curl up as close to their human friends as possible, make the work of a small radiator in bed. While this can be tricky in summer, who does not like a little natural warmth on a cold night?

5: Help fight depression

One thing that dogs offer without a doubt is their unconditional love. For someone struggling with depression, this type of connection can be difficult to achieve. Receiving that, without asking questions, can work wonders during a particularly difficult time.

6: Makes you feel safe

Knowing that there is another presence that watches when you are in your most vulnerable moment provides a comforting feeling. His “super hearing” and his tendency to bark at strangers are factors that contribute to providing that security.

7: It is also good for your dog

There is nothing in the world that your dog likes more than allowing you to spend that extra time with you. That will make you very happy. They receive the comfort and security of you in the same way that they provide it to you, so this provision for sleep is good for everyone!


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