Traveling brings us the best of life: rich and interesting cultures, stunning, colorful places, a smorgasbord of delightful meals, and wonderful people. These experiences can start before we even take off – just like what happened in the Charles de Gaulle airport in France. Most airports are filled with shops and other items and attractions that help pass the time, but not all have a piano sitting in the middle just waiting to be played. One day, in the largest international airport in France, Swiss pianist and singer Ladyva decided to grace travelers with her extraordinary piano playing skills.

It was not scripted; there were no introductions and the young artist wasn’t flanked by an entourage or cameramen. She simply sat down and began playing. Ladyva played the boogie woogie on the piano effortlessly as if it was the most natural thing to do. Her piano playing elicited both curious stares and delighted smiles from passersby with some even holding their mobile devices up to record the entire performance. The best part was the spontaneity of it all didn’t end there.

A few minutes into an already amazing solo came another unexpected yet welcome addition that made it even better – a young saxophone player eager to join in on the fun. He stood patiently on the side waiting for the right opportunity to combine his talent with hers. Without missing a beat she immediately took notice of the young man holding his saxophone and smiled invitingly using a nod as a way to cue him to start playing. The saxophone player started playing at the right time helping create a beautiful fusion of sound much to the delight of the other travelers. It was so light, beautiful, and enjoyable that it seemed like the kind of scene that could only happen in movies.

With smiles on their faces and hands working the instruments flawlessly, the two musicians played the piece with seemingly no effort at all as if they practiced for months. There’s really no telling what will welcome a person when they go places. Unexpected treats are everywhere, especially for those who appreciate them. It seems obvious that for Ladyva and the saxophone player, the joy of playing is enough knowing their performance is appreciated is like the cherry on top of an already great day.

Music can definitely turn any mood around and bring people together.

Travelers won’t remember the shops and the hustle bustle – they’ll remember the performance they were lucky enough to witness and how it gave them all a story to tell.


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