Tycho Brahe was a brilliant man who challenged the way science was perceived in the sixteenth century. Unfortunately, it was also the proof that being bright does not necessarily mean being smart.

Tycho Brahe was one of the fathers of modern astronomy and his theories were revolutionary … but unfortunately, most people will remember him for his strange death.

Tycho Brahe “The father of modern astronomy” had always been passionate about science. In 1572, he was the only one of his contemporaries who correctly identified a supernova as an event that takes place outside of our atmosphere.


This idea was a challenge at a time when astronomers worked without the benefit of telescopes. To try to explain what he had observed, Brahe constructed several models to demonstrate his findings.


At the same time, Brahe was also a “complicated and quarrelsome” person. Once he lost most of his nose in a duel and had to use a metal in his place.


But Brahe was perhaps best known for what happened during an epic party, where he eventually ended up losing his life.


While attending a dinner that lasted many hours, Brahe refused to use the bathroom, even though he desperately needed to urinate. As they say, Brahe thought that this would be considered rude to the host.


As a result, Brahe contracted an infection in the bladder that eventually ended his life after several days of deep pain. According to some texts, even Brahe wrote his own epitaph: “He lived like a wise man, but he died like a fool.


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