Cats are unique creatures. They tend to have selective hearing, prefer to sleep in your spot, and rarely are they impressed with anything you give them. Still, we humans do our best to showcase how much we adore our little furry friends.

And what better way to do than through a bit of selfie love? While we may adore those snapshots we will cherish forever; cats would rather we didn’t. Ever. Check out some of the most hilarious selfie-hating felines out there.

This cat is OVER it.

You really don’t have to wonder what this cat is thinking. He looks like he was much more interested in taking an afternoon nap atop that comfy pillow instead of having a phone shoved in his face. Can’t say that I blame him! As you were, good sir.

Clearly, she was tricked into showing up for this photoshoot.

You can’t just spring a selfie on a cat! This owner looks totally prepared, but her feline friend looks like she wasn’t expecting to have her picture taken AT. ALL. Look at the horror on her face!

In case you were wondering, this cat isn’t amused.

When there are no words to describe your annoyance, a deadpan look will just have to do. This cat looks like he would rather be at the vet’s office than forced to have his picture taken.

Quick, make a break for it!

This kitty is trying to muster the strength to get out of this. No amount of love will make this cat grin and bear it. He’s out of there the first chance he gets!

If you can’t take a hint…

When your owner doesn’t listen to your subtle clues, sometimes you have to take matters into your own paws. A quick nip to the cheek should do it!

This is probably not what she was going for.

When you try to take a cute pic with your cats and one is super angry and the other thinks you are a tree. Hate when that happens! At least the climbing kitty seems to be enjoying himself.

This cat looks like he’s planning a murder.

This cat hates everything right now! If looks could kill then this owner would be long gone by now. Seriously, he’s not in the mood for this nonsense.

Talk to the paw.

If all else fails, wreck the photoshoot. This cat wasn’t up for his picture being taken, so he avoided it at all costs. Cute kitty toes, though!

When all you want is a cute Christmas card with your cat…

This cat is NOT going to be in the picture and you can’t make him! If that means spoiling your plans for a holiday picture together…then so be it.

I already told you Carol, now is not a good time!

When someone told you that it’s better to have “in the moment” shots, this probably isn’t exactly what they meant. I think we can all understand that not EVERYTHING should be remembered forever.

Get a kitten they said. It’ll be fun they said.

Just because you are super excited to show off your new pal, doesn’t mean your pal wants to be shown off. This kitten is putting her paw down right meow!

They say pets and owners start to look alike…

This duo makes the exact same face of terror when it comes to selfie time. I guess compatibility means a lot when it comes to finding the perfect pet to share your life with.

When your cat decides she is a diva.

Sometimes you have to accept that the selfie just isn’t about you! Check out that paw to the face. This cat definitely wants to take center stage. Ah, those baby blues are impossible to ignore.

When you’re mad, but you’re still cute though.

This cat may not be in the mood to have his picture taken, but he can’t hide his cuteness! That unamused expression just adds to the adorableness if you ask us. He’s not even being held against his will. Maybe he likes it more than he lets on? Or not.

Your cat will never care how famous you are.

That time when Taylor Swift thought she could get away with taking a selfie of her cat. This cat isn’t even going to pretend it wants to be in the picture. How many fans would die to be this cat right now?!


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