We saw awful things happening around us all the time. Sometimes on the news, and sometimes first-hand. Because of things, we tend to forget that life is beautiful. We also forget that people are not all that bad. And there are heartwarming pictures to prove that.

This list will remind you that even though life is hard, there are things that could make you smile. Here we have heartwarming pictures that will restore your faith in humanity.

In Kenya, this man drives hours to in drought to give water to thirsty wild animals.

This photo of firefighters putting out a Mexican fire.

This photo of Brian, a retired gentleman from Dublin who spent his evenings making 50 tubs of curry for homeless people. He lives on a pension and pays for everything himself.

Two strangers. This old man helping out a young man who was having problems with his tie.

“A Breakfast With Dads” program at a middle school invited several dads. However, because many dads couldn’t come and other students didn’t have father figures, the school posted a request on Facebook for 50 volunteer fathers. Over 600 fathers from different backgrounds turned up.

A father places bird food in their yard for her wife to wake up to this view every morning.


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