Folks, I was never great at science in school. I never understood the calculations, the equations, or the experiments where you had to mess around with chemicals. It just wasn’t for me.

And yet, there is one formula of which I am absolutely sure would stand up to strenuous scientific testing: FRIES + KETCHUP + LIFE HACK = VIRAL SENSATION + HAPPINESS. Trust me, the logic behind it is sound.

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 3: French fries are shown in a McDonald

As we all know, the current system for chip dippage – whether it be into ketchup, mayo, or barbecue sauce (we ain’t gonna judge you here) – just doesn’t work.

The paper cups are too flimsy, they don’t have much capacity, and, because they’re so shallow, you can only really dip the top inch or so of your fry. And that just doesn’t fly with those of us who are truly passionate about a sauce-saturated snack.

So, when the Twitter account ‘Today Years Old’ shared a hack that shows the true purpose of that little flap on the fries carton, fast food fans from across the globe wept actual tears of joy.

Ok, so maybe I’m being a little bit hyperbolic – but there certainly were some delighted reactions from people.

Others, meanwhile, were less than impressed with the hack, and thought that it could cause more problems than it solves.

And a few genius commenters shared their alternative hacks for condiment access: using a large drinks cup lid, folding out the tiny paper cups so they hold more sauce, and – the old classic – forgoing any thought for how messy your fingers might get and just dumping 14 packets of ketchup straight on the fries.

Now, kind readers, I know this isn’t the pinnacle of scientific discovery we’re talking about here. Heck, it’s barely a discovery at all – more of a coincidence. But some folks on Twitter are now *super* happy that they can put their ketchup on its own little cardboard shelf, and maybe we should just let them have that moment.


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