1. Keys, money and a charged phone.

These things should always be with you when you leave. Without exceptions.

Because it is important? You should always be able to ask for help or be taken home. Your phone can also become a means to save the lives of others: you can call the rescue service in case of emergency. always keep your phone charged.

2. Apologize if you hit someone.

Even if you’re sure you’re not to blame for crashing into that someone on the street, say “I’m sorry” and move on.

Because it is important? You do not know who you found with. The person you have touched may carry a weapon or be drunk or drugged. You can be extremely angry or upset. A simple apology can save you many problems.

3. Always locate at least 3 exits.


Wherever you go, be it a concert, a train station or even a school, be sure to locate 3 exits . It can be easy and difficult at the same time. Check the space with your eyes so that, even if there is only one door, find at least three exits – for example, large windows.

Because it is important? If something bad happens, it will be too late to look for a way out. If you have found and memorized them in advance, you can move towards one of them almost without thinking.

4. Play the “find a bad guy” game.


A fun game that can keep you safe. When there are many people around, look at them well. Who seems to be too nervous, too angry or too scared?

Because it is important? Our intuition is rarely wrong. If someone seems dangerous to you, then it probably is. Try to stay away from him.

5. On an airplane, count the rows to the emergency exit.

After taking a seat, count the rows that go from your seat to the nearest emergency exit. Memorize the number.

Because it is important? If there is smoke, the emergency lighting may be too dim to guide you. When you know for sure the number of rows between your seat and the exit, you can move towards it counting the headrests.

6. Strengthen your wrists.

If you have ever tried to do “wrist flips”, you will know that your wrists get tired faster. Do wrist exercises every day with the help of doll flexors.

Because it is important? There are many potential emergency situations in which it may be necessary to hold onto a narrow edge. A strong grip and trained wrist muscles will allow you to stay safe for as long as necessary.

7. Lift your head and go slowly.

People tend to instinctively lower their heads and increase their rhythm when they perceive danger. However, you must do exactly the opposite: lift your chin with confidence and slow down.

Because it is important? When you follow your first instinct, you become prey. Who or whatever is threatening you, slow down, raise your head and look sideways to see the danger with your peripheral vision.


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