Some dogs are smarter than others, able to learn countless tricks in exchange for treats. If pups play their cards right, they can pretty much get whatever they want.

Anyone who’s ever had a dog knows the power of a good treat.

When they beg incessantly at the dinner table, they might not get what they want every time. It really depends on how generous you’re feeling that day, or how adorable their hungry little face looks staring up at you.

However, if they do something in exchange for a bit of your steak dinner, they might just come out victorious.

One dog who used to live on the streets found out a way to get treats. When begging didn’t suffice, he looked at what the humans around him were doing to acquire their lunches.

In a town in Mexico, a dog affectionately called “Cabron” seems to have learned that his preferred snack of choice, hot dogs, don’t come for free.

While most dogs haven’t conformed to humans’ use of monetary currency, Cabron is quite possibly the most advanced pooch out there, at least when it comes to assuming person-like actions.

Local businessman Sergio Vasquez saw this happy dog on a delivery route one day. As soon as he showed up at the vendor’s window, Cabron came up to him and carefully scratched at his leg. When he saw what the dog did next, he knew that he had to capture the special moment on camera.

Vasquez rolls the camera and holds a peso out in his hand, upon the recommendation of one of his business colleagues who regularly visits the stand on the route. Cabron then gently takes the currency in his mouth and walks over to the hot dog stand.

With his paws resting on the counter, standing on his hind legs, he drops the money and the hotdog vendor accepts it.

Waiting patiently with his tail wagging, Cabron knows what’s on the way. You can tell that he’s made this exchange many times before.

Soon enough, a hot dog, sans bun, is brought out for the hungry boy.

Apparently, the vendor has since adopted Cabron as her own, so he’s not left out on the street to go hungry. Especially since he’s figured out how to get his paws on a little spending money!

It’s so cool to see that dogs can be observant and clever about the world around them. It’s what makes them such interesting and amazing companions with which to go through this crazy thing we call life.

Whether they’re comforting us and snuggling up while we’re having an emotional day, watching movies on the couch, having a blast during a game of fetch at the dog park on the weekend, or working hard to learn to tricks like this hotdog exchange, dogs are fascinating creatures. It may be cliche, but they sure are man’s best friend. There’s simply no doubt about it.

Vasquez said the sweetest thing about the encounter, too:

“I celebrate all dogs, but this one is something very special. It warmed my heart to see what he does. He does this to everyone who comes to the store.”


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